ELICOS English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Study Paths ELICOS Australia

ELICOS studies in one of the Australian English schools can be the first step in entering formal academic studies or can be completed just for the high quality English language teaching provided. The diagram gives a general picture of how the Australian education system works and how the ELICOS graduate can enter this system at any point.

The diagram is an example of the types of entry and exit points. Students are also welcomed and encouraged to study ELICOS courses just to learn English without wanting to do any further study.

study paths

Following this diagram means a students can plan whatever study program they would like to do. Completing a suitable level of ELICOS and having the prerequisite background means the student can enter the level of academic program they want. They can also exit the Australian education system at any time and still have the benefit of the ELICOS English training.

There is also the opportunity for younger students to prepare for Australian schools including boarding schools with the study of English provided they have a guardian as required as part of their student visa.

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