ELICOS English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Where to study ELICOS in Australia

ELICOS English language schools and colleges are present throughout Australia with many in the capital cities and throughout the various regional centres. This gives ELICOS international students in Australia a wide variety of choice about where to study. You can begin your search for an Australian ELICOS school by looking here for the many: Australian English Schools.

The quality of Australia's ELICOS English language providers is the same throughout the country. Students can select where they would like to study and know that they will be getting similar instruction to students in other locations. Click on the following links for the main ELICOS centres in each area:

Sydney English Schools New South Wales English Schools
Melbourne English Schools Victoria English Schools
Brisbane English Schools Queensland English Schools
Adelaide English Schools South Australia English Schools
Perth English Schools Western Australia English Schools
Hobart English Schools Tasmania English Schools
Darwin English Schools Gold Coast English Schools

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