ELICOS English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Applying to Study ELICOS in Australia

There are three main ways to apply to study ELICOS in Australia. They are:

1 - Apply directly to the school

2 - Apply through Australian Education International (IDP)

3 - Apply through a private education agent representing the schools

1. Apply Directly to the Schools
The links on this site will connect you directly with the schools so you can find out the details you need to know and ask any questions you have. Once you have seleted the school you want to attend then you can apply directly to the school from the ELICOS English Schools in Australia

2. The Australian Education sector is represented internationally by IDP which is made up of member universities and other institutions.


You can contact your local IDP office to arrange to apply for an ELICOS course. Details of the countries IDP operate in and their addresses can be found by clicking here: IDP Australian Education Offices

3. In some countries IDP does not operate or are not in the local area but it is possible to apply for an ELICOS course by using an agent who is registered by particular schools. This is not the best way to apply because agents will sometimes give advice that benefits themselves rather than the student. However, if you can select where you want to study and find a couple of suitable schools then a private agent will most likely be able to help you enrol in one of these.

Australian Government ELICOS student visa

You can find a local agent by contacting the Australian Embassy and asking to be connected to an Education Agent. Click here for: Australian Embassy Locations

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