ELICOS English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

New South Wales English Colleges

Studying ELICOS in a New South Wales English school or college is a popular choice for students when they come to study in Australia. New South Wales has the largest population of any Australian state and offers an excellent climate that allows for year round swimming and surfing in the north of the state and skiing in the mountain regions during the winter.

Most of the ELICOS colleges in NSW are in Sydney and these ELICOS Sydney schools have all the necessary experience and facilities to provide a top quality service. Outside Sydney there are some other excellent ELICOS schools that have developed a reputation for producing capable students.

Click on the list to explore in more detail what some of the ELICOS schools have to offer:

Sydney College of English    [SCE]

Sydney Language Centre    [SLC]

Charles Sturt University    [CSU]

Macquarie University    [Macquarie]

University of New England    [UNE]

University of Technology Sydney    [UTS]

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