ELICOS English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students

Cost of Study ELICOS Australia

NOTE: AUD = Australian Dollars


The cost of English Language tuition in general ELICOS courses varies depending on the city you go to and the language centre you choose. Tuition Fees range from AUD$250 per week to AUD$350 per week for regular ELICOS courses, involving 25 hours of tuition per week. This compares favourably with other countries, especially when you convert your local currency.

Language Centres in the big cities in the Eastern states, in particular Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, tend to have the highest tuition fees, and while these cities are often the best known to international students, it would be wise to consider language centres elsewhere, if cost is an important consideration.

The cost of living, too, varies across Australia, though in general Australia is a less expensive country to live in than most other English-speaking countries. International students find that in Australia they need from AUD$200 to AUD$300 per week to cover living costs, including accommodation, food, transport, entertainment and other convenience expenses. Again, cities like Adelaide, Hobart and Perth are less expensive than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and offer a quality lifestyle on a student budget.

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